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This type of box is very suitable for surplus household goods and storage o..
Boxes of a reasonable size are very suitable for storing an entire househol..
Workplaces for mounting various items such as furniture, electronics, etc. ..
If you want to park a car, motorcycle or the like, that is possible. Tinker..


- Fully heated
- Well lithning with LED
- Camera security
- WiFi on glas fiber
- Extensive washroom
- Open 24/7 and therefor accessible
- Completely fireproof
- parking in front of your door.


For more space it is possible to place a rack.
We will place a sturdy rack so you can use for parts til 500kg
In addition, the compatments can be set at any height
Yoy can arrange this rack as disired with 2, 3, or 4 levels
A customized rack will cost you only €10- per month
As a axample, this box is 12m2 and cost €170 per month

Why this complex

You can park in the front of your box, so you can load and unload easy.

The complex also is heated and wel lit.

Each roller shutter is automatic and can be operated by remote control or app.
The complex is equipped with fire resistant doors.
Each box has its own smoke detector

The roller door is fire resistant for 45 minutes
If a fire starts in a box, it will extinguish automatically due to lack of oxygen.
The complex is located directly at the exit of the A12 and is therefore very easily accessible

You have access through your mobile phone, and you can also go there 24hours a day 7 days a week !
All floors are filmed with HD suveilance camera's

Thes images ars recorded and can be viewed by us later if there have been calamities

WiFi is also included.